Town Arena

townringfixedupThe Los Altos Hills Town Arena is located on Purissima Rd., adjacent to the Little League fields in Purissima Park.  The arena was established by LAHHA and the Town of Los Altos Hills in the 1970’s, rebuilt in 1984, and then again rebuilt and resurfaced in 2006 with the help of the Town of Los Altos Hills and California State Park Bond funding.

LAHHA uses the arena to host  Schooling Shows, Playdays, clinics, and more.

The Town Arena is open to the public for equestrian use.  Los Altos Hills is peppered with backyard pastures, and the Town Arena provides a place for these equestrians to exercise their horses, and also for local residents to learn to ride and enjoy horses.

LAHHA shares responsibility for the maintenance of the arena with the Town of Los Altos Hills.  We schedule work days to trim, pull weeds, rake, and polish up the facility.  The maintenance crew from the Town of Los Altos Hills drags the arena weekly to maintain the footing (usually on Friday mornings.) 

There is a wash rack, hitching posts, and a few pipe corral stalls for temporary use on the arena grounds.  Some jump equipment is available for schooling, while other equipment is in storage for LAHHA events and not available for daily use.

There are a few rules regarding arena use:

  • In order to maintain the surface of the arena, riders are expected to  clean up after their horses.  Several manure forks are available.
  • LAHHA reserves the arena for events.  When not reserved, all users (including lessons) must share with other equestrians as needed.  Please be considerate.
  • Equestrians may not tie horses to the arena itself.  Please use hitching posts outside the arena or pipe corral stalls instead to help preserve the arena.
  • In order to preserve the footing, horses may not be turned loose together.  If the arena is free, one horse at a time may be turned loose to exercise at liberty.

If you notice any maintenance issues at the arena please Contact Us or the Town of Los Altos Hills so that we can get them addressed.