The Pathways System in Los Altos Hills consists of an extensive network of trails open to pedestrians and equestrians throughout town.  The pathways provide access to local stables, open space preserves, and the Los Altos Hills Town Arena, as well as recreational routes and emergency access/escape.  A map of the pathways is available for purchase at the Los Altos Hills Town Hall.

LAHHA has always played a strong role in supporting the pathways system in our town, and our members have served on the town Pathways Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council over the years.  LAHHA members frequently join together to support equestrians and equestrian interests at City Council and Planning Commission meetings.

LAHHA Members often lead trail rides throughout Los Altos Hills.  See our Calendar for more information on these.

If you notice a pathway in  need of repair, please download the Los Altos Hills Connect app to notify the town Maintenance Team or Contact Us.

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