To contact our current LAHHA President directly, please email

Additional Modes of Communication:

As a LAHHA member, the easiest ways to keep in touch are via our Google Group and our Facebook Page.

If you are looking to find out more about us, you can also have a peek at our Brochure, Newsletters, and archived Town Crier articles.

Want to help us get the word out?  We can use your help with a planned initiative, such as welcome bags for new residents, or just by letting your neighbors and friends know about LAHHA!

LAHHA’s Google Group     google

LAHHA’s Google Group is an opt-in email group that allows members to communicate easily via a group distribution, and is our primary method of communication.  Please contact us to request an invitation to the group.

LAHHA’s Facebook Page     Facebook

We routinely post event pictures and updates on LAHHA’s Facebook Page.

brochure1   LAHHA Brochure

We have a LAHHA Brochure to pass out at events (like the Woodside Hoedown, Portola Valley Celebration of the Horse, Schooling Show, Playday, etc..)

newsletter   LAHHA Newsletter

LAHHA sends out an annual newsletter to members, sharing events and happenings from the prior year.  Please see below for the most recent LAHHA newsletters.

LAHHA 2021 Newsletter

LAHHA 2020 Newsletter    LAHHA 2019 Newsletter    LAHHA 2018 Newsletter

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Document    Los Altos Hills Town Newsletter

When possible, LAHHA provides our Calendar and occasional articles for inclusion in the Town Newsletter.


LAHHA has been featured in the Los Altos Town Crier many times over the years. Links to a few of the articles are below:

Jan 2017    Sep 2015    May 2013    May 2006     May 2005    Dec 2004    July 1996

bag   LAHHA Welcome Bags

We are working on creating LAHHA Welcome Bags to welcome new residents to town and to introduce them to LAHHA and the Pathways System (with a Pathways Map).

LAHHApony    LAHHA Logo Items

Promote the pony!  We have LAHHA logo shirts, jackets, saddle pads, and bags available for purchase.

pad1     Pad2