Los Altos Hills Horsemen’s Association (LAHHA) was founded in 1971 for:

“The promotion, sponsorship, and cultivation of use, ownership, and care of horses for horsemen in the Town of Los Altos Hills and neighboring communities:  to support all activities concerning horsemanship; to encourage the acquisition, building, maintenance, and supervision of the pathways system and their rights of way; to encourage non-vehicular use of trails in the community of Los Altos Hills; to represent the interests of Los Altos Hills Horsemen’s Association members in educating and influencing the leaders of the Town of Los Altos Hills and neighboring communities to ensure the continued ability of citizens to keep and enjoy horses, including support and advocacy of or opposition to legislation.”

We are a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers.

The LAHHA Board meets monthly to pursue these goals.  With the help of members and supporters we host equestrian-related activities throughout the year, as well as representing and advocating for equestrian interests in our Town.


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